Worship Bulletinn for Sunday, August 18


Prelude                                                                                  Josh Reyes


Welcome Words                                                               Jayne Nichols


###Opening Songs

            “The Servant God” V. 1, 2, 5                               TFWS #2222

            “For All the Saints” V. 1, 6                                     UMH #711


###Call to Worship                                                    

Leader: This is the place where saints worship.

People: This is the place where we are baptized with the fire of the

Holy Spirit.

Leader: This is the place where faith abounds.    

People: This is a place where doubts are welcome.

Leader: This is the place where Christ perfects us.

People: This is the place where the Spirit completes us.

Leader: Come worship with the saints and be baptized by the fire of

the Holy Spirit.


Prayer Song “Lord, Listen to Your Children Praying”    TFWS #2193


Pastoral Prayer                                                    Pastor Brett Stuvland


The Lord’s Prayer


Passing the Peace of Christ


Scripture Reading          Hebrews 11: 29- 12:2                    

                                              Luke 12:49-56


Time for Children, Youth and the Young at Heart


The Message      Breaking Open the Family       Pastor Brett Stuvland





###Dedication of the Offering                            Pastor Brett Stuvland

Faithful God, your love for us is like sunlight that blesses young vines in a vineyard; your passion for our salvation is like rain that kisses the ground of our being to bring forth life. With joy for your bounty, we bring our gifts before you this day, that your vineyard may increase, through the care of our labor and the treasure of our purse. Amen.


###Closing Hymn

“Sing with All the Saints in Glory” V. 3, 4              UMH #702


###Benediction                                                     Pastor Brett Stuvland


Postlude:                                                                               Josh Reyes


            Please remain seated until the end of the music.


Everyone is invited to the social hall for coffee, snacks and fellowship.


###Stand as you are able


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