Family Promise support for the homeless will be occurring from Aug. 13 to Aug 20 has been canceled due to the ongoing renovation of the day house. The next Family Promise for AUMC will be during the week of Ocober 29.

Volunteers (dinner hosts, overnight hosts and others) should sign in listing all of the hours they spent driving, shopping, preparing food, serving, cleaning up, sleeping over, etc.  If you don't know where the binder is, please check with the overnight host.  The binder has copies of the contracts that each family has signed as well as details on how to set up for the families, detailed duties for all volunteer positions, how to clean up following the departure of all families as well as set up and clean up for meals served during the week.  It also lists emergenciy procedures and has phone numbers and names of people to call in specific situations.  if you can't locate the binder, there is a 2nd binder in the church office.

Learn more about Family Promise

Learn more about Family Promise in Washington County


 Opportunities to Serve!!!

  • Serving and preparing a meal for apporximately 15 people
  • Assist in the day center in Hillsboro
  • 14 Overnight hosts (2 each evening)  to ensure a safe and welcoming environment
  • Donate financially
  • It’s that time again! Family Promise returns to Aloha UMC on June 7th. We will be hosting up to 3 families from June 7 through June 13th. We have slots open for hosts to provide dinner as well as overnight hosts.

    If you haven’t had the opportunity before, we encourage you to sign up for a test drive. Every night the families are here, we are required to have 2 hosts overnight.

    You can try it out overnight without being alone and you will have the chance to step into our guests shoes and get a glimpse of what they experience. A great learning opportunity and sometimes a lesson in humility.

    Dinner hosts provide dinner – but you can partner up with someone to share the work. Besides a helping hand, it is always more fun to work with another person. You get a chance to sit down with our guests and their families and get acquainted.

    As an overnight host, you can eat with them, get acquainted and let them see first hand that someone cares. What a way to share God’s love through example.

    Overnight hosts arrive at the church between 6 – 7 pm, and leave the next morning between 6:30 – 7 AM.   When we have partners, one can leave earlier and let the other lock up.

    Questions? Come see me, Pat N or Pat E for additional information.


    Pat Eagle













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