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United Methodist Women is encouraging all members to join with  United Methodists around the country at house/church parties for fellowship, food and discussions about how to RECLAIM THE COMMON GOOD on Friday, Jan. 20. These biblically and theologically grounded conversations will affirm our core Wesleyan values and help us to explore challenges and opportunities in this moment in our communities and nation.
Please consider hosting a party on Jan. 20 or at any time in January, perhaps building around previously scheduled events. 

To learn more about these events and to access help in doing this, click here:  https://gallery.mailchimp.com/b1cd6c15be7a7d06978abea0c/files/Reclaiming_the_Common_Good_House.pdf



The organized unit of United Methodist Women

 Shall be a Community of Women whose purpose is:

To know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ;

To develop a creative, supportive fellowship;

And to expand concepts of missions through participation in global ministries of the church.

The group explored the meaning of “mission” as they understood it, both personally, in the local church and globally.

Becky Akins introduced the group to the UMW “Prayer Calendar.”  Our focus for today was the Atlantic Street Center in Seattle, WA and its work with youth to keep them from dropping out of school.

Phyllis explained how the calendar was used in organizing her personal prayer life and its wealth of information about missions all over the world, missionary activities and birthdays as well as addresses where they are serving.

Elaine Johnson will speak on “Viva Village” whose aim is to help seniors thrive in their own homes at our February 8th meeting.  (Donna Detrick)                                                  

Update for June 24

Root Beer Floats ! Come get one on Sunday July 26th (tentatively) after worship! (Other flavors also offered.) This will be a UMW fundraiser   Plans are to also repeat the sale in front of a commercial location in August. If you have any ideas for this, please let Becky, Kay or Phyllis know. Proceeds are for Missions for Women, Youth and Children.

UMW Conference also holds Mission U each summer to introduce the units to new studies. The two new books are: Created for Happiness:Understanding Your Life in God and Latin America: People and Faith taught by Rev. Rhoda Markus of Forest Grove UMC. The second-year study is: The Church and Disabilities taught by none other than Rev. Janine DeLauney! It will be held at Alton L. Collins Retreat Center Aug. 6-9. Call Phyllis at 503-844-9658 if you have questions.


The United Methodist Women organized both the recognition of Julie McKay and Marina King's confirmations/ Dave and Cindy's last Sunday at Aloha and the following week the good-by party for Pastor Janine. Both events were well attended. Our Philipino families supplied the food for the first potluck.   THANK YOU all so much for the wonderful food provided.

Those bringing food for the second event are owed a big THANK YOU also. It proved to be a nice send-off for Janine. She is preparing her new home to live in, so that she will be ready to begin serving the Stayton church on July 5th. Many people (too many to name) helped set up and clean up for both events which is greatly appreciated.

Thirdly, UMW also organized a Father's Day Breakfast in honor of all the men in the church on June 22nd. Again many women were bringing food for us to share! THANK YOU all for your willingness to bring food and to help set up and clean up.   We so appreciate your generosity

Update from May

May 31st : Program after 5th Sunday Potluck

Dale and Carla Harris of Hillsboro UM Church will share commentary with Pastor Janine on their separate trips to Palestine/ Israel in February and March. Dale took photos which he can share. Learn more about the Palestinian situation from those who have experienced a bit of it!

For the potluck, please bring finger food to more easily serve and eat! Be creative : English Muffin pizzas; pieces of corn cob; fruit with toothpicks, jicama sticks, etc.   Take plates to sanctuary. Program begins 12:20 or when the speakers are ready.

The United Methodist Women were asked by Hospitality, Cheryl Dawson, to provide for the "good-bye" celebrations in June:

Dave and Cindy Herrimann - Their last Sunday will be June 7th. Cards will be welcome. Cake served.

Pastor Janine – Her last day will be June 14th. Cards and money tree gift. Potluck right after church.

United Methodist Women's Meeting – has been postponed until June 21st. Celebration for Father's Day at Breakfast!! All men be sure to attend. Usual 8:30 am Breakfast. From 9:00 am to 10:00 am Women will meet with a program on the Charter for Racial Justice. Sometimes our thoughts are racially biased and we don't even realize it. Ladies come to be challenged or to challenge each others' concepts. Fund raising plans for the summer will be discussed also.

One of the United Methodist Womens' outreach to help us learn and grow as Christian Women is to provide for Mission U (formerly School of Christian Mission). The dates this year are August 6-9. It is possible to attend for just two days, either the first two or last two. The studies this year are: 1) Created for Happiness: Understanding Your Life in God (Spiritual Growth)

2) Latin America: People and Faith (Geographic – Rhoda Marcus teaching)

3) The Church and People with Disabilities (Social Action with Janine teaching)

The location is Alton L Collins Retreat Center this year, so rooming is tight ( it is on site or motels in Sandy, OR) Our unit has no funds for scholarships this year. See Phyllis Hollingsworth for more information - she needs a roommate!

Update from April

AUMW met with the Methodist Men for breakfast April  12 at 8:30, filled their plates and adjourned to the AA room for their meeting.  Phyllis opened the meeting with the prayer, reciting of our purpose and litany.  There were eight members present.

Elaine reported on the purpose layers that make up the programs for the UMW:

        RELATIONSHIPS:      We are a group of people who act on what we have learned—invite others.  Our work is “with” people.

         TRUST:   An act of faith . We are co-dependent,  we can only control  ourselves.  Recognize our limitations.  Important in forming a caring group of people.  Elaine started a year ago with the CODA group.

           Mission:  Consorcia:  We are a church on the move geologically.  Each one of us is a missionary anytime we are out with people-what we say, and how we interact with them.

        Phyllis spoke on growing spiritually, with the Bible and through mission study, educating ourselves and others for change. We need to subscribe to Response Magazine for the library.

     UMW women make a pledge and do fund raising projects to assist in world mission outlooks.  Becky Akins will research for ideas.

     The Prayer Calendar was used to pray for missionaries and celebrate birthdays of named missionaries at home and in the field.

Mother’s Day tea will be held on our next meeting date.  It was decided that we would meet on the third Sunday at 8:30 with a continental breakfast that all  of us would as in non planned    potluck.  We will ask the UMM to join us for breakfast.   

We are not meeting on the second Sunday in May because of the Mother's Tea being held that morning. Please come and join all who are celebrating Mothers.

Update from March

As a mission group, United Methodist Women of Aloha UMC agreed to present an all-church Northwest Conference Challenge to raise $75 million dollars special giving for Imagine No Malaria by 2016. We have joined in by presenting a Lenten giving program that is easy to follow. On Sunday, February 22nd a Giving From Abundance Calendar was passed out to the congregation.   If you missed it, additional copies are available for you. You can also check out [email protected]">[email protected] for more information.

Every 60 seconds a child dies from Malaria, particularly in Africa. Join us as we learn what can be done to change this.     Phyllis Hollingsworth, United Methodist Women

Imagine No Malaria’s four program areas:

  • Communication-- Our work in each community starts with public awareness campaigns through radio, cell phones, and schools. We’re trying to get the message out about what causes malaria, how it can be prevented, and where people can get treatment.
  • Education-- We teach leaders to apply for grant funding through the Health Board system. We also train community health workers and equip them to improve health in their own neighborhoods. This is what makes our program sustainable.
  • Prevention-- Networks of volunteers, led by community health workers, go door-to-door distributing bed nets. We also clean up stagnant water and do some targeted use of pesticides inside of people’s homes.
  • Treatment-- We’re working to improve access to healthcare in sub-Saharan Africa by building infrastructure and supporting our 300+ UMC health clinics and hospitals so that they have the medicine, staff, and facilities they need to fight malaria. This also equips them to fight other diseases.


Through all of these strategies, we’re trying to make sure that the malarial status quo of lost lives and lost opportunities doesn’t continue forever.

United Methodist Men and Women met February 9th for a joint breakfast with a great turnout:  Approximately 15 women and 8 men.  After partaking of Scott Bennett, Richard Stouffer and a number of other earlier helpers’ hearty breakfast, two visiting women presented information on helping people remain in their own homes instead of moving into retirement facilities.

VIVI is a group that works mostly in the Portland and Eastern Multnomah area.

There is a fee of $45 dollar per month and includes in home services, transportation  and more. Those interested in this service can find more information on line.

Villages Without Walls is “not a place, it’s a plan.”  It is an area working in the Hillsboro, Cornelius, Forest Grove, and the Aloha-Reedville areas. Its primary purpose is to assist older adults and people with disabilities to live at home safely, affordably and healthfully as long as possible, while remaining engaged in community activities. Learn more at www.villagewithoutwalls.org.

 March 8th at 8:30 Methodist men and women will meet jointly with a planned potluck type breakfast and another guest speaker.  Plan to join us. The meal will be prepared by the UM Women as Scott will be out of town.

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